Artist Statement

Al Grumet is a multi-media artist whose work combines the tools of digital photography with the voice of traditional painting. He is a storyteller, and draws upon a mischievous sense of humor in his depiction of human choices gone awry. He extracts fragments of our daily experience and weaves them into colorful dreamscapes and installations. Within these scenes, we encounter a variety of characters waging personal battles with their environment and circumstances, and see reflections of ourselves in their struggles and desires.


Al grew up in Queens, New York. He attended Harvard College and NYU School of Law. From 1996 through 2010, Al lived in New York City and pursued careers in law and financial services. In 2010, Al moved with his family to Mill Valley, CA where he now lives and works as an artist. Al is a Board Member of Art Works for Change, and leads their online programming efforts. Art Works For Change is an Oakland-based nonprofit organization that creates contemporary art exhibitions to address critical social and environmental issues.